• Trimming & Shaping
  • Plant Care & Repair
  • Tree Pruning & Removal
  • Edging & Definition
  • Stonework
  • Premium Mulch
  • Deer Proof Gardens
  • Weed Control & Prevention
  • Drainageand Irrigation
  • ​Seasonal Clean Up
  • Fencing and Decks
  • French Drains


             Victory Scapes

                          The fine art of landscaping         

Victory Scapes Mulching Difference

Preparation of landscaped areas for mulch:
Edging for defined lines that contain mulch
Lowering of all edges to prevent overspill into walkway and other areas
Grading for a smooth level surface
Adjustment of soil levels on plants
Application of weed pre-emergent before mulch application
Delivery and distribution of colored premium mulch
Application of weed pre-emergent after mulch application  the following day (to allow curing of the color) for long lasting rich colored mulch